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Baldness - is one of those diseases that are not dangerous for the human body and has no effect on his physical condition, but undermines the psychological health. Although baldness one of the most common diseases in men, this causes discomfort and inconvenience resulting complexes may occur.

Propecia online is used to treat only androgenic type alopecia, because it was created specifically for this type of other same types of baldness is another nature of the disease and Propecia simply will not be effective. But in the fight against androgenic alopecia, generic Propecia shows amazing results and high efficiency in action - buy propecia USA, UK !

Propecia : Mechanism of action

The development of baldness is due to oversupply in the body of the male hormone dihydrotestosterone, resulting in hair bulbs die and the hair starts to fall. The action of Propecia is based on blocking the production of DHT, thereby ceases dying follicles, and hair loss. After that, the effect of Propecia to restore hair on men, but to recover take some time. As is well known hair grows on average 1 cm per month, so for best results, wait at least 3 months - Propecia 1mg

International name - finasteride

Even after receiving the desired result should be taken to secure the drug effect, and if there is a re-production of DHT, you can register a generic Propecia on an ongoing basis. Do not worry it is perfectly safe, since the drug is intended for permanent use and will not affect your body from the negative side.

Propecia Contraindications:

To receive generic Propecia 5mg, there are some contraindications, which limit the reception and warn against complications. But contraindications do not apply to men, because the drug is completely safe for them and no restrictions on receiving virtually none. Contraindications relate only to women who take Propecia is strictly contraindicated, the drug is not intended for women suffering from hair loss, it will have no effect because the aims of treatment of male pattern baldness and Propecia can adversely affect the fetus future child.